Raúl "Rulo" Cruce
Born July 2, 1964 in Montevideo, Uruguay, has been a photographer almost all his life.

At the age of 8 his father gave him his first Voighlander 35mm camera and quickly became the official "Family Photographer", experimenting with light and lab possibilities at the point of making his own developing chemists.

Entered the Law school to have a "traditional" education and to please his father, who was a partner of one of the most renowned law firms in Uruguay.

After a while it became evident that law school was not his passion and switch to Communication School from where he received his degree with honors in Advertising.

He has worked professionally for more than 20 years and won several local and international awards.

McDonald’s, Pepsi, Texaco, American Airlines, Martini, Hellmmans, Kraft Foods, Movistar, Coca Cola, Unilever - Knorr, Ford, General Motors, Toyota Hilux, Esso, Business Max, Centenial, Cingular, Colgate - Fabuloso, Nestle, Heineken, Bacardi, Zippo, Energizer, Sony, Dell and Lübzer Beer from Germany are just some of the brands he has worked for.

Dynamic, versatile and precise, he's a photographer that contributes with ideas and experiences to each production while searching for new professional challenges.


Address: Zelmar Michelini 1077 | CP 11100 | Ph. +598 (94) 421062 | Montevideo - Uruguay
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